How Men Deal with Pregnancy

how men deal with pregnancy

Me & my hubs!

The other day I said "we're pregnant" to a friend. They corrected me and said, "Well you're pregnant, Hans is just along for the ride."

Hans, my husband, is along for the ride, but he even told me he feels he is pregnant, too. Not literally (though he is complaining his waistline is also expanding from my desire to eat more), but they are his babies too (we're expecting twins) and I'm lucky to have him.

Men deal with pregnancy in different ways. Some guys freak out a little (just as us gals do), others seem totally calm -- but their emotions are in full swing, too. I read that some men can even get postpartum depression particularly if their partner gets it.


So far Hans has been great. But I did notice that when he has a guys night out, he really enjoys himself. Maybe it's more than usual, but maybe it's just that I can't go see cool bands play and have cocktails with my friends like I used to right now, so I notice it more.

He's taken to cleaning the house, won't let me anywhere near the liter box, and cooks dinner every night, even cleans the pots and pans. Where was this dream guy before I got pregnant?

He also tells me I look beautiful even though my skin has broken out with the worst pregnancy acne ever. And that helps me feel better.

I've heard of other dads-to-be unsure of how to help or what to do. And I also know some moms-to-be who don't want any help at all. We're all different; we all deal with life's happenings in different ways.

How is your partner dealing with your pregnancy?

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