When Did You Tell at Work?

Sharing your pregnancy news is tricky business -- it's one thing with your spouse, family, and friends. But your boss and co-workers? You barely know some of those people! And it's kind of, um, personal news. I didn't tell until my second trimester -- just didn't feel comfortable sharing the news any earlier. So, when to spill the beans? I've compiled a list of thoughts on when and how to tell from moms in the Pregnancy group.


Tips and thoughts on when to tell:

  • I'm not alone -- a number of moms waited until they were safely into their second trimester.
  • One mom said just tell them when you feel ready or when you actually start to show and it becomes a visual issue. Don't feel obligated -- it's your call.
  • Another mom said she told early because she had to take off of work for morning sickness -- if that or lots of doctor visits require you to be out, you may need to tell earlier than you'd planned.
  • A mom who had a baby and then suffered two miscarriages recommended definitely not telling until you've made it to the end of your first trimester.
  • One wary mom said she told early because of frequent doctor visits and then was cut back to a part-time position -- so she favors waiting.
  • A few working mamas started new jobs and didn't volunteer that they were pregnant -- the consensus? No big deal. Tell them you just found out.
  • Tell in person or via a letter? Most moms told their boss in person but a couple also advocated delivering a letter to HR.
  • One smart mama advised checking out your company's policy on maternity leave and FMLA before you walk in to deliver the news.

What do you think? Wait until the second trimester if you can? Or just spill the news whenever you feel ready?

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