You Can Be Stylish When Pregnant

pregnant and stylish

Photo by VirginiaMom406

She has great style!

My baby bump is growing and I still fit into most all of my clothes (except my super tight skinny jeans), but something is off. I'm not quite big enough to look pregnant, so instead it kind of looks like I've been on a binge of cheeseburgers, disco fries, and beer, lots of beer. Some of my clothes just don't look so cute on me anymore.

PS: Disco fries are french fries covered in cheese and gravy. Yum!

So how can I be pregnant and still be me -- still keep my style?


Lovin_mybaby5 had the same question.

  • vabchmommy suggested to buy accessories to spruce up your clothes. She also said to buy shirts that you normally would just buy them larger. There are a lot of long tops out now that will cover the belly and the waist.
  • babygoins09 said that sundresses with cute accessories and sandals are the trick. She also said to make sure you treat yourself to some manis and pedis and get your hair done, too. Sometimes the littlest thing can make the biggest difference.

What works for you? Have you been able to maintain your style while pregnant?

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