Sea Bands: Morning Sickness Cure?


sea bands morning sicknessTwins in my belly almost guarantees me morning sickness, afternoon sickness, and night sickness. Though my friend who had triplets had no nausea whatsoever. Lucky!

I've tried and continue to try everything -- saltines, popcorn, fruit (especially apples), real ginger (in all its forms), and eating five small meals throughout the day instead of three. Still, I lost about five dinners, three breakfasts, and have dry heaved so many times I lost count. 

Until I added Sea Bands to the mix.

Recommended to me by both KnoxvilleDoula and Cafe Sheri (thank you both!),  Sea Bands are found in most drugstores and are wristbands with little balls sewn in to push on the pressure point in your wrist that helps control nausea. Used for sea sickness, but also for mommies-to-be.

Now I don't know if it's psychosomatic or just a combination of me wearing these bands, eating apples, along with five small meals a day, but I've been wearing them about a week now and my symptoms have minimized. They aren't gone, but I have been feeling better.

Morning and right before bed are the worst times for me, but I've been able to make it through the day with maybe only a few dry heaves here and there. Oh and they look like a fashion accessory -- I wish I saw the black ones they have at Target ($9.99) before I bought these pale blue ones.

I know some moms have nausea and vomiting very bad. If you can't hold down food, consult your doctor.

Have you ever used Sea Bands? Did they work for you?

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Mommy... MommyKKay

Worked great for me! They were annoying cause they always got wet but luckily I don't need them anymore!

nonmember avatar MARLENE


nonmember avatar heatherann

I'm approaching 6 weeks and my morning sickness started yesterday. I was extremely nauseous all day. I knew I couldn't go 6 - 8 more weeks like this! I went to the pharmacy and bought sea bands. While I don't feel 100%, I do feel like I can function at work, which was a big concern for me. Try it out, it can't hurt.

nonmember avatar Ang

I had been sick for 4 weeks before my hairdresser suggested the sea bands. I immedeiately went to get them and I am soooo happy that they work for me!! I had tried everything from ginger, crackers, popcorn, eating small meals, and even medication. The medicatio was a joke for me because everytime I took it I would throw up within 2 minutes! The sea bands have really been a blessing for me because I was getting to the point of depression and was not at all happy about being pregnant. It was making me feel like a bad mommy cause I was hating being pregnant. Thanks to the bands I am no longer the grumpy, pitiful-looking mom-to-be who just lays in bed all day feeling a mess. I have been wearing them for five days and have only felt a little queasy for a few hours total! Before i had constant nausea and even had to throw up behind a dumpster at a gas station one day. (i refused to go into the nasty bathroom and put my head anywhere near that toilet) . I am telling everyone about the bands cause no woman should have to go through that!!!

Avery... AverysMom3147

I'm 10 wks with my second pregnancy. Morning (all day) sickness started at 5 and 1/2 weeks this time. It got so bad I tried everything; ginger, crackers, teas, you name it, I even tried Zofran. The Zofran seemed to help a little but it gave me terrible headaches. Out of desperation I picked up Sea Bands a week ago and I can not believe it, they work! Honestly, what a difference! It doesn't take the nausea away completely but I'm able to go to work and function around the house, which is a must since I have a 2 and 1/2 daughter. Good luck girls, I hope they work for you too!

nonmember avatar cherokee

Iam sick all the time and i need something to help me feel better i was thinking about the sea bands do they really work

nonmember avatar Asa's mom

I absolutely cant live without them. I am 9 weeks and stay nauseated..that was until i discovered the sea band. I have both colors (pale blue and black). I wear them 24/7 and they are a tremendous help!!!

nonmember avatar BrassyDel

My morning sickness started at 4 weeks and got worse, and worse. I'm not quite 8 weeks yet and to make it through the day I take vitamin B-6 (25mg) three times a day, an anti-nausea med prescribed by my doctor (I was vomiting water and couldn't eat), AND wearing the sea bands all day. If I start feeling really sick again, I know I need to check the clock (anti-nausea meds are every 6 hours) and check my sea bands! If they slip out of place, the nausea comes back.

So for me they weren't a complete "cure", but they absolutely make a difference. Every little thing helps!

nonmember avatar Glaucia

I am on my third pregnancy and really sick i remembered when i was sick with my first one and i used the bands they helped! So i am using it 24/7 that way i dont trow up so often maybe once sometimes better than all the time after i eat.

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