Sea Bands: Morning Sickness Cure?


sea bands morning sicknessTwins in my belly almost guarantees me morning sickness, afternoon sickness, and night sickness. Though my friend who had triplets had no nausea whatsoever. Lucky!

I've tried and continue to try everything -- saltines, popcorn, fruit (especially apples), real ginger (in all its forms), and eating five small meals throughout the day instead of three. Still, I lost about five dinners, three breakfasts, and have dry heaved so many times I lost count. 

Until I added Sea Bands to the mix.

Recommended to me by both KnoxvilleDoula and Cafe Sheri (thank you both!),  Sea Bands are found in most drugstores and are wristbands with little balls sewn in to push on the pressure point in your wrist that helps control nausea. Used for sea sickness, but also for mommies-to-be.

Now I don't know if it's psychosomatic or just a combination of me wearing these bands, eating apples, along with five small meals a day, but I've been wearing them about a week now and my symptoms have minimized. They aren't gone, but I have been feeling better.

Morning and right before bed are the worst times for me, but I've been able to make it through the day with maybe only a few dry heaves here and there. Oh and they look like a fashion accessory -- I wish I saw the black ones they have at Target ($9.99) before I bought these pale blue ones.

I know some moms have nausea and vomiting very bad. If you can't hold down food, consult your doctor.

Have you ever used Sea Bands? Did they work for you?

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skyla... skylarcheyenne

I used these with my youngest and they helped big time. They didn't completely cure the morning sickness but at least I was able to move off of the couch.

tippy... tippymorgan08

I don't use see bands, but I PSI Bands. They are the same concept minus the ball. The bands themselves apply pressure to the proper pressure points to help with nausea. For me, they work wonders, depending on the day. Sometimes I still feel slightly nauseous, but like skylarcheyenne said, at least I can get up and work. Other days, I'm on cloud 9. I haven't heard of Sea Bands until I read this, but I'm glad I found the Psi bands first ... they're MUCH more stylish and don't stand out as much as the Sea Bands appear to.

J9Mommy J9Mommy

OMG yes these were miracle workers when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was very skeptical at first, but sure enough I felt better. Even after I just assumed it was a coincidence and sure enough within 2 hours of taking them off I was back to being sick. I had to wear them 24/7.....

I also had the lovely pale blue ones :)

Lokis... LokisMama

I used them when I was pregnant with my son and honestly, they didn't do a hot damn thing.   I was still losing at least one meal a day til I got into my second trimester.

LadyKiki LadyKiki

I tried them and didn't help at all. I was to the point I couldn't even keep water down. I tried everything before finally getting meds from the dr to take. I was hoping so much they would work, but just didn't.

cmplctd cmplctd

I'm 9 weeks now and my ms has subsided a little. BUT for the last three weeks I couldn't even hold down water. I got these bands out of desperation one day when I would have tried anything. They don't completely take the nausea away but they make a significant difference! Maybe it is a placebo effect but I'll take it at this point!

tgiamt tgiamt

Wow, I really wish I would have thought of those when I was pregnant!!! I've used them for years on the boat with my dad. They work great for motion sickness!

tippy... tippymorgan08

No problem Michele! Thanks for all of the great info!

Braxt... BraxtonsMommy1

I used Sea Bands and they helped me alot...  I NEVER took them off...

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