Craving the Pregnancy No-No Foods

salami, pregnancy, foods to avoidWhen I was pregnant with my second son, I craved (and sneaked) salami like nobody's business. Unfortunately, salami also happens to be on the list of pregnancy foods to avoid due to the low-level risk of listeriosis and toxoplasmosis.


Over on People, pregnant Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford is quoted as saying, "I crave a lot of greens when I'm pregnant," and "I love kale and chard, so I'll steam that and then I'll make an organic turkey burger."

Wow, this was so not my pregnancy experience. What kind of pregnant is she? Not the same kind of pregnant I was apparently...

It was really hard pushing past my salami craving. I even tried heating the salami, which is supposed to make it safe to eat, but hot salami is pretty awful and led to a big, fat stomach ache. I tried to resist, but I wasn't always successful, especially at all those family gatherings with delicious salami rolls lined up on a plate.

Based on this Why is lunch meat bad when pregnant!? thread in The CafeMom Newcomers Club, I'm not the only who slipped up or *cough* blatantly ate lunch meat during my pregnancy.

Are you craving any pregnancy no-no foods or other unhealthy foods? Or are you craving more healthy stuff like greens and fruits?

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