Maternity Panties: Can Anything Sound Less Sexy?

maternity panties

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maternity panties

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Sex with my husband has sadly taken a backseat -- who wants to do the baby dance when you're nauseous? Not me. And though I hear that all changes in the second trimester -- the frisky hormones set in or something -- the thought of wearing maternity panties at any time during my pregnancy sounds majorly unsexy.


First let me say that I love fancy panties like some women love shoes or diamonds or whatever it is. I have a lot of them and most are frilly and fun and put me in a good mood when I wear them. So yes, I wear them for me. But my husband does reap the benefits. 

The thought of wearing something that looks like the ones on the left scare me. Are they necessary? But then I am seeing a lot of panties that are just super low rise, which I already have.

This is my first pregnancy, so I don't know about these things. I didn't even know about maternity panties until I was reading somewhere about adjusting your wardrobe and it mentioned maternity underwear. A quick search and I found two kinds that couldn't be more different.

So what's the deal? Do I really need special maternity panties, particularly when I am further along? Do I need the support panties? Or can I just stick with my low rise?

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