Weekly Pregnancy Calendar: Week 35

weekly pregnancy calendar week 35

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Week 35
What's Happening with Mom:

I had the 3D/4D ultrasound this week. At 34 weeks, the baby is usually pretty big and facing the spine. I've been told that 28-34 weeks is the best time to get facial images, and Aubrey did not disappoint.

My mom, sister, best friend, husband, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and father-in-law all came to the ultrasound.


We got some REALLY good images. About 25 percent of the time we were trying to get Aubrey to turn away from my spine or get out of the placenta, but the other times she was giving us really good facial shots. We got images of her smiling, yawning and sticking out her tongue.

She appears to have long eyelashes, and a lot of hair on her head, which is funny because I have only had heartburn a couple times, after eating something spicy which is as expected. So I do not think the saying "heartburn means a lot of hair" is true.

I asked the technician if he could tell us how much she weighed. He couldn't be exact since he's not a doctor, but according to the baby's gestational age she weighs about 4 and a half to 5 pounds.

The technician also said that Aubrey is very active and photogenic!

What's Happening with Baby:

As the tech said, I'm close to 5 pounds. Since your uterus is getting thinner, you might be able to distinguish my head, foot or hand when I kick you. I can hear a lot of what you're saying outside the womb, since my hearing is completely developed now. My lungs are almost ready, too. It won't be long ...

Question of the Week from Answers
I have horrible heartburn. What foods can I eat to combat it? -- legalmom343

Jenny Schumaker: Tums! The Walmart brand is less chalky. Just don't get the tropical flavor -- try mint, it's more reminiscent of candy. Rol-aids brand in the little paper wrapper are also more like candy.

Milk won't help, as it's actually full of acid. You need something basic that will actually help cancel out the acid in the stomach. I think there's a recipe on the baking soda box for mixing it as an antacid, but I know I'd never be able to choke that down while pregnant.

Anonymous: Black licorice

FlyMom07: Yogurt with active cultures

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