Preparing for a Homebirth

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Instead of packing my bag for the hospital, I've been buying and organizing supplies for a homebirth. My midwife gave me a list of items to have on hand and I've got everything stacked up in my bathroom (and in my freezer!) ready for the big event.

It's been fascinating to me to learn about homebirthing as I've gone through this process, so I thought I'd share some of the items I'll have on hand to give you a peek behind the scenes if you're new to homebirth, too.


My homebirth inventory:

  • 8-10 old towels and a few wash cloths -- ones I don't mind getting messy
  • receiving blankets and hat for baby
  • a birthing pool, air pump, hose, and disposable liner (This is optional, but I decided to rent one so I can try a water birth.)
  • 2 fitted sheets & a shower curtain liner (I'll make the bed with these -- fitted sheet, then shower curtain liner, then another fitted sheet on top -- after the birth we'll remove the top 2 layers and dispose of them leaving me with a made bed to recover in)
  • a birth kit that I ordered online (includes underpads, cord ring, sterile gloves, gauze, syringes, flexible straws, tape measure, peri bottle, mesh panties, postpartum pads, and a thermometer)
  • maxi pads dipped in witch hazel then frozen (for postpartum recovery)
  • arnica montana and Motrin (also for postpartum recovery)

It's quite a different list from what I packed in my hospital bag last time around. How about you -- homebirth or hospital birth -- what are you doing to prepare?

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