How Do You Handle the Final Weeks of Pregnancy?

pregnant bellyMy first son came at exactly 38 weeks. I had been expecting him to arrive after my due date since that seemed to be the conventional wisdom. Your first baby comes late -- don’t count on going into labor before your due date. So, his early arrival was a surprise and I hadn’t had a chance to really start obsessing about when he’d come.

This time around, everyone’s been telling me to expect another early delivery. My body already knew what it was doing already and labor would come earlier and faster. I believed the hype and so, when I started having contractions at 36 weeks, I was sure the baby was coming.


But, I’m now at the 39 week mark and guess what…still pregnant. The last three weeks have been interminable. I continue to have painful contractions almost every day, but they never build up to anything. Every night I go to bed thinking that this will be the night. And then every morning I wake up marveling at how I can possibly still be pregnant. The wait has been made even harder by a pinched nerve that’s kept me confined to the house for the last week and a half. The only way to fix my back pain is to get the baby out.

I’m trying to be upbeat and not let the wait consume me emotionally, but it’s very difficult. I finally broke down and yelled at my mom for calling me every single day to ask me if there’s “any news.” I’ve cried myself to sleep more than once because of the pain. And I’ve run out of bad reality TV shows to watch on the DVR.

How did you handle the uncertain last few weeks of pregnancy? Any advice for how I can take my mind off things while I wait?

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