Form-Fitting Maternity Wear: Stylish or Trashy?

cardigan, fitted maternity clothes

Cropped Cardigan from Target

There's a maternity clothing discussion going on in The CafeMom Newcomers Club, called Pregnant & wearing form-fitting clothes... what's your take??

What do you think? Should pregnant women keep the snug fit to a minimum?


I know I was glad when between my first and second pregnancy, the maternity clothes got more fitted. I'm short and the extra pregnant pounds made me look even shorter. The maternity tents weren't helping.

When it comes to the fit of a woman's maternity wear, I pretty much feel "to each her own." I'm not saying I haven't seen some definite "no-no's" walking around, but mostly, I just think a woman should feel comfortable and happy in her clothing, whatever that means for her.

Do you flaunt your pregnancy bump with form fitting styles or let your belly peek out the bottom of your T-shirts? Or do you think pregnant women should wear more modest and loose-fitting maternity clothes?

Tell us what you think about maternity clothes: huggy snuggy, loosy goosy, or somewhere in between.

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