The Weekly Tick-Tock of Pregnancy

It's impossible not to think about your pregnancy in terms of time -- nine months, 40 weeks, three trimesters. The weekly countdown to the end result when, Buzzzz! The timer on the oven goes off and out comes your fully-baked (beautiful) bun. Along the way, the baby's in there doing his remarkable development thing. I remember getting the weekly email updates I signed up for and thinking, OK, I just had a turkey sandwich for lunch. What's up with my baby? She grew LUNGS this week. Wow.


Around here a great way to connect with other moms experiencing the same things you are at the same time is to join one of the birth groups, like Due in December 2008 or Due in April 2009!. And for cool pregnancy lifestyle info that also includes some of the physical how-the-baby's-developing details, I like Amalah's Zero to Forty Weekly Pregnancy Calendar on alpha+mom. (Amalah just had her second baby, by the way -- congrats!)

So, when are you due and what's on your mind right now? Morning sickness? Wondering when you'll be able to feel the baby move? Trying to decide what to pack in your hospital bag? Share with other moms in the comments below.

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