Weekly Pregnancy Calendar: Week 34

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We're following a first-time pregnant mom, Brittany (bam61907), on her exciting journey from bump to baby. Check back every Wednesday for the latest developments!
Week 34
What's Happening with Mom:

After my dramatic early labor scare last week, I can happily say I've had any other signs of labor or trips to the hospital. I'm still having contractions, but I consider these more of the milder Braxton Hicks variety.

I still think she will be early because of the contractions at 24 weeks and those from last week at 32-33 weeks. Also I feel like her head is VERY low, despite the fact that I am still carrying really high. Well, at least it appears to still be high to me.

On the other hand, I can see her being late just because I do not want to go late and we all think she is going to be early. Sign. I guess we'll just have to see what she has planned!
I must say she's been moving like crazy. Day by day her movements are increasing. Today, I was driving into work and her foot POPPED out! It was not like the Internet pictures that show the baby's foot through the pregnant belly, but I know this was her foot. It was at the stop of my stomach in the center right under my bra line. It appeared and felt about two inches long and not even an inch wide. When I pressed on that area, Aubrey pushed against the pressure I was putting on that area. It was really cute.
At least I'm ready for her. Well, almost. The nursery is completely set up. I still need to put the car seat in but I am not sure when I should do that. Is it time now or is it too early? I have her bad packed, but I still need to pack my hospital bag.
Also on my list -- a pedicure! I was planning on going this week or next week. This whole pregnancy I have been wanting to get a massage, but with work, school and everything else going on, I have not gotten the chance to.
What's Happening with Baby
I'm fully developed now, except for my lungs. I weigh about 4.9 pounds and measure a little over 18 inches long. I'm peeing about a pint a day, hope you have those diapers ready. Chances are I'm in the head down position now, and all that pressure is making my mom pee more, too!
I'm rapidly building up fat, and those scrumptious little dimples are forming at my elbows and knees. Creases are forming around my wrists and neck. Bones are continuing to harden now and the waxy substance covering my skin vernix, is thickening.
Question of the Week from Answers
I'm 34 weeks and the baby's head is down -- does that mean I'm close to labor? -- anonymous
JafraMom: "Not necessarily. I'm 36 weeks and my baby's head has been in that position for weeks. It's natural and good for the baby to be positioning her/his self already. Your body is just getting ready.
"No need to worry. There is probably still a lot of room room between her head and the top of your cervix. I've been feeling her legs and bottom at my rib cage for weeks, and when she gets the hiccups, the whole thing stretches out and her head pushes just a tad on the cervix. It's a nervous and sharp feeling, but she's still ' floating' ."
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