Your Amazing Baby Pre-Birth

Photo by spookyriggs

The day you give birth will be momentous, of course, but studies suggest that, behaviorally, there's very little difference between a 32-week old fetus and the newborn who'll enter the world if you go full-term (which is of course preferable to pre-term delivery). So, think about it -- your new baby will look and feel miraculous once you see him for the first time, but, in terms of behaviors, he's essentially the same little guy in there in your belly at just 32 weeks. Two full months before you give birth.


He can feel, dream, and enjoy being read to, all of which supports the idea that, yep, babies are amazingly intelligent in the womb. Which is why some parents begin interacting even before birth. jennabean83 posted in Pregnancy that her husband has been talking to the belly at night.

Hailey_2486 asked if any moms were playing music for their babies in utero, and several said they were. (tashbrd23 even puts tiny headphones on the belly to pipe in some classical tunes and a little Dave Matthews.)

Are you doing anything to stimulate or to interact with your baby before birth?

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