Pregnancy Freak Outs: It Happens

pregnancy freak out

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A baby can take all that stress away!

Ever feel like oh my gosh how am I going to do this? Deep breath in. Big exhale out. Repeat ten times if needed. 

I'm going to call it the pregnancy freak out and I'll admit I've had moments of major worry. And I'm not alone.


These freak outs can happen to women in any (and all) trimesters. An anonymous CafeMom asked if other moms felt worried about having a baby.

She is 34 weeks along and has one child already. She keeps thinking, OMG I am going to have two kids. What if I can't do this?

I know how she feels. I am just in my first trimester, but I am having twins. Deep breath in. Big exhale out.

The moms who commented gave some great advice.

  • Shelii (pregnant with her first) is having the same thoughts, but she tries her hardest not to stress.
  • rhonda111787 believes that like the tug boat we must say to ourselves...I think I can!
  • Nesa_Z was worried too, but she says it all worked out. She had her baby and says, "we have settled in nicely and I am doing just fine. You will too, take deep breaths and relax! Make lists and deal out tasks to others, it will get done, and you will be perfectly ready by the time baby comes."
  • GreekMama28 has two kids now and is happy because she says they will keep each other entertained as they get older.

These are all great responses to help ease the mind of a freaked out pregnant woman.

Are you stressed or did you overcome stress like this? Share your thoughts and advice!

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