Best Sleeping Position for Expecting Mamas

pregnant side sleeping positions

Photo by Peajewel

Now this looks comfy!

Will all the back sleepers please raise your hand?

Phew! I am not alone. Not sleeping on my back is something I will get used to, but a lot of times I start on my side and wake up on my back.

While the "is it safe?" sleeping on your back when pregnant can be debated, many women feel out of breath if they wake up on their back because of the pressure the baby (or babies) puts on your vena cava -- the artery that runs down your spine.

OK, side note: Vena Cava makes me think of this adorable clothing line of the same name. Sorry...just love fashion.

I'm in my first trimester, so I know this becomes more of an issue later, especially with twins, but I want to try to get used to side sleeping now. 


CafeMom jldavis2 talked about sleeping positions while pregnant in Pregnancy's First Trimester group. She likes to sleep on her tummy, so side sleeping is going to be a new thing for her as well.

Mom2Jack04 offered a great suggestion. She bought a body pillow for her first pregnancy, and will do the same for this one. It helps you snuggle up on your side.

Bed, Bath & Beyond has one for $9.99. Sounds like a great idea.

What are you thoughts on body pillows and was it hard for you to sleep on your side?

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