Food Aversions While Pregnant

food aversions while pregnantHello first trimester. Hello morning sickness. Hello food aversions. And hello boobs! I am usually a 34B on a good day, so pardon me for relishing in my new melons! But the rest -- bleh. Don't get me wrong though. I am still happy as a clam. Wait, clams? Bleh!

I've got some strange food and drink aversions now that I'm pregnant with twins.


Normally, I drink tons of water, at room temperature, and now I hate it. All I want to drink is Honest Ade Orange Mango with Mangosteen juice. It's not cheap. Last week all I wanted was Naked Bare Breeze Watermelon Chill. Not cheap either.

And they have to be ice cold.

The only foods that interest me are beef burritos, beef tacos, pasta (with garlic and oil only), and Pad See Ew Thai noodles. I'll eat Honey Nut Cheerios and turkey sandwiches, but only because I can't have those others for breakfast or lunch everyday.

Chicken is grossing me out. Forget any thought of fish. Red sauce, yuck. And anything with a minty taste makes me want to throw up right away. Sadly, this includes toothpaste, so teeth brushing is followed by dry heaving. I'm not even craving chocolate like I thought I would since chocolate chip cookies are my favorite thing ever. My husband made some last night for me and was shocked when I ate two and then pushed the dish away. Normally I would devour them all if I could.

For the morning sickness, I'm following the suggestions of others. I eat some toast or cereal as soon as I wake up in the morning. I suck on some Yummy Earth Organic Ginger Zest Candy Drops to keep nausea at bay, and nibble on fresh watermelon or apple slices during day so I don't get hungry and feel sick. I try to stick with the foods that interest me, but it's hard especially if I'm going out to dinner with friends or family. Still, the nausea sets in and sometimes gets the best of me.

Is this happening to you? Did you ever have morning sickness or food aversions? What worked best for you?

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