Twins! Now What?


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What beautiful blessings she has!

I have really exciting husband and I are expecting twins! As some of you know, I have been TTC for a little while now, so this comes as such a joy and blessing. I cannot thank the women in the TTC groups for their support enough -- just reading posts really helped and when someone felt sad and alone, there was another to help her stay positive.

Cafe Suzanne wrote about ways to increase your chances of having twins. I have done three of the five suggestions: I eat yams, love dairy, and am considered older. I'm 36 and don't feel old at all, though. So pssshaw to that!


I'm in good company with other moms of twins. Besides my Aunt Cathy who had twin girls, there's Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Rebecca Romijn, Charlie Sheen, Sarah Jessica Parker, and of course all the CafeMoms. Shout out to Moms of Twins group!

There are a lot of changes my husband and I have to make. We live in a third floor walk-up in Brooklyn, NY. We have two bedrooms, but the kitchen is just the appliances -- no room for a proper table. This must change. I called my landlord and he is being great about it, even suggested we move into the first floor duplex that will be opening soon. Three bedrooms, a yard, central air, laundry...but get this. He is asking $5000 a month! Wow. Um. Not going to happen. So now we begin our search for a new place. I'm excited. I just hope to find something sooner rather than closer to my due date at the end of the year. 

My hubs and I are giggling a lot more, too. We were in IKEA the other day and checked out the cribs. He said, "I guess we just need one crib because they are small and there's plenty of room." Ha. We both clearly have a lot of learn! He did just buy a book for first-time dads. It's called Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads and I have to admit, I may learn a thing or two from it as well.

Along with the new apartment, two cribs, and plenty of parenting books, we are also going to need a car. So we were telling our brother-in-law (dad of one daughter) and he said. "Car? You need a mini van or SUV with two kids. How are you going to fit the carriage in a regular size trunk?" Hmm. Didn't think of that. Thanks, Phil.

I know we'll get there and figure it all out. It's an exciting journey. I just wish I didn't have such terrible morning sickness...all day long! I'm not complaining though -- I couldn't be happier!

Are you a mom of twins or expecting twins, too? Share some tips!

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