More Halloween Fun!

Photo by mommi229

Everybody seems to be buzzing about Halloween around here and it's so much fun! If you're into the holiday, too, and love to go all out with decorations, parties, and treats, be sure to join Moms Who LOVE HALLOWEEN. And for a quickie round-up of some cool Halloween ideas -- including what to be if you're pregnant -- read on.


Recently, I asked what all of you mommies-to-be would be for Halloween -- and tru navy asked the same thing over in The CafeMom Newcomers Club. I've compiled a list of some of the fun suggestions:

  • A pregnant 50s housewife, and your hubby could go as the milkman
  • A fertility goddess
  • The pregnancy fairy
  • A pregnant nun
  • A sexy pregnant witch
  • A pea pod, with your painted-green belly poking out as the sweet pea
  • The Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown
  • Juno, from the movie
  • You could skip dressing up full-on and paint the belly
  • And ShellBell210 suggested strapping a bunch of dolls on your back and going as Angelina Jolie. Love it!

Other festive ways to celebrate the fright-fest?

What are you doing for Halloween? Throwing or attending a party? Or just hanging at home to receive trick-or-treaters?

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