Goodbye for Now!



Photo by Cafe Melisa


Let me just say -- you CafeMoms are awesome. I have so much enjoyed getting to know you, and have felt so lucky to be able to share your stories and photos and to cover the latest on pregnancy. That's what makes saying goodbye to you and Daily Buzz so hard!

But I'm moving on for the best reason -- to spend more time with my family. I'm sad to go, but excited, too.

I can't go, though, without giving a quick shout out to a few of you first....


Thanks to bam61907, RanaAurora, Peajewel, madamekatekate, diamondchic, cajunjenn, Amanda_Jeanne, celticreverie, CherBearCM, JayGirlsMom, LelandsMommy, sunmoonstars -- and so many more of you for sharing your passionate comments, personal stories, and beautiful photos!

I'll still be on CafeMom as a mom, so keep an eye out for me or send me a friend request. I want to hear about all of those upcoming deliveries and new babies....

Thanks for reading! And stay tuned to Daily Buzz for more. I will, too. So, goodbye -- for now!


blowing kisses

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