Do You Know What Day You're Having Your Baby?


labor and delivery c-sections being induced

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My original due date was July 14th. It came and went. A week went by, then another, and my midwife said two weeks was as late as she'd let me go. So we scheduled the induction for July 27th, 13 days past my due date and the day before my midwife (who I loved) was leaving for vacation.

I remember showing up at the hospital that morning and saying, so is this it? Will she be born today? And my midwife said, I can't promise you it will be today, but it will be today or tomorrow.

I was excited, of course, but it also felt kind of weird to know my daughter's birthday would be one of two days instead of the surprise that I had imagined it would be....


I just came across a post from a third trimester mom saying that she had just picked her own day. She's due on July 15th, but her doctor won't be around or on call then, so at her most recent prenatal appointment they asked her if she'd like to schedule an induction date. She's hoping the baby decides to show up on his own before that, but if not, then that's her day. And she can't wait!

Scheduled C-sections are another way a mom might know the delivery date in advance. And there's even mother's intuition about when a baby might come.

Of course, there's no way to know for absolute certain when you're baby will be born -- even with a scheduled C-section, something unforeseen could happen.

What about you? Do you know your baby's ETA, or will it will be anybody's guess?

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