Summer Pregnancy Tips

summer pregnancy tips


summer pregnancy tips

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Summer's awesome, but for pregos, the heat can pose some challenges.

If you're heading out of town for a few days with your hubby or SO for some pre-baby alone time (and I hope you are!), here are some tips on staying cool, comfy, and safe.


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-- Are you loving your baby bump? Hot summer weather's the perfect excuse to show it off with some cute, form-fitting mat tees and tanks.

-- Don't forget to drink your water! -- Running to the restroom every 20 minutes may be a drag, but you need 6 to 8 glasses a day. Not drinking enough can lead to pregnancy swelling or even bring on contractions.

-- Get good summer sandals -- Flip flops are tempting, but they don't offer any arch support, which you need now. Look for sandals that do offer some -- they'll be slightly raised and thicker in the middle.

-- Sunscreen is essential -- Higher levels of estrogen in your body now make you more susceptible to melasma, dark patches of skin that can appear on your face.

-- Go for a swim -- A good way to cool off, yeah, but the buoyancy of the water can also relieve back pain. And some moms think swimming is great pregnancy exercise.

-- Combat swelling -- Fluid retention that causes swelling can get worse in hot weather. Try to minimize it by avoiding excess sodium (processed, packaged foods are often high in it.) And prop your feet up when you can.

I was pregnant in summer and I loved it -- the heat didn't bother me too much (another excuse to indulge in the milkshakes I craved), and I did kind of enjoy showing off the bump.

When are you due? Will you be at your biggest in the hottest summer months? Would you rather be having a winter pregnancy instead?



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