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Still searching for the perfect name for your baby? There are some great ideas over in Unique Baby Names!. And there's nameberry, a new site for name-obsessed parents-to-be. I spoke with Pamela Redmond Satran, a co-author of several best-selling baby name books and a developer of the new site, about some interesting options for names you may not have considered.

Here's the thing -- we all think we want a distinctive name for our kid, but we'll often pick it and then realize lots of other parents had the same idea, too. Why? Satran says it's the "forces of fashion" at work. "Most of us have pretty similar taste at the same time," she says. That must be why there are so many Ellas, Olivias and Olivers running around my neighborhood playground.

So it could be that the name you thought was so distinctive a while ago no longer is. But, as Satran points out, there are thousands of options out there! Here are ten unusual names to consider, with notes from Satran on what makes each great:


Aza -- It's hard to find a name that's both exotic and simple. This Arabic choice qualifies on both counts.

Elodie -- Classic French name that rhymes with Melody and is a fresh spin on the Ella/Ellie names so popular right now.

Lilac -- A color AND a flower name that manages to be sweet and saucy at he same time.

Siri -- Charming Norse diminutive of Sigrid.

Tamsin -- An Anglophile choice that's never crossed the ocean; an original way to honor a Thomas (it was originally a variation of Thomasina) in your family.


Amias -- Name used in Colonial America that cane be pronounced either AIM-ee-us or ah-MY-us; means loved.

Breccan -- Irish mythological and saint's name much fresher than Braden, Aiden, and cousins.

Gordon -- Strong Scottish classic due for a comeback.

Grover -- Funky choice that deserves a life beyond the Muppets.

Reuben -- Old Testament name as likable as but more obscure than such fashionable choices as Asher and Ezra.

I'm liking Lilac and Reuben -- which names do you like best? Or are you more of a traditionalist when it comes to baby names?

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Cafe... Cafe Cynthia

When we named our son Aidan, we didn't know of any other person--kid or adult--out there with that Celtic name, except for the actor Aidan Quinn (and I'd never watched Sex In the City, so I didn't have a clue!). We wanted to honor his Irish heritage, and Aidan means "little flame," which just fits him perfectly. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that at least a dozen other parents in our town had named their babies Aidan! They are all over the place now.

We still love the name and wouldn't have changed it, but it's nice to know that alternatives exist!

angel... angelachristine

I had a similar situation with my son his name is Elijah and then the lady in the next room had a baby the day after me and named hers Elijah too and now they are everywhere. Oh well I still love it.

Also, I get annoyed by everyone asking if we named him after Eli Manning doesn't anyone ever read the Bible?  I like tradtional names my kids are Elijah Daniel and Christine Marie.


Cafe... Cafe Melisa

Thanks for commenting, ladies! And I totally agree -- if you love the name, that's the most important thing! But just out of curiosity, any names on this list you like, or don't?

hohaas hohaas

I like Elodie and Aza for girls and Breccan for boy.

Chari... CharishaRaylee

I love Rueben. My brothers name is spelled Rubin. I also love Elodie. 

I hate Grover and I'm not too fond of Tamsin.

My sons name is Josiah. I've had it picked out since I was a little girl and never met or heard of anyone with that name until I was 9 months pregnant. Now there are like 5 other Josiah's that I know of in our area. Grrr, why's everybody gotta copy me!! jk lol

babyj... babyjakesmama

Don't think I could do Grover!  "Grover McGrath" doesn't have a nice ring to it! LOL

ciejs... ciejsgirl

Don't like Grover or Gordon.

LOVE all the girls names and LOVE LOVE Amias (ah-MY-us)....may even use that one!!

But_M... But_Mommie

I named my daughter Quinn Cameron and had no idea both names were prodominitly  boy until it was to late.  I don't guess I would have changed my mind though.  we almost name my son aiden but then realzed it was becoming to popular so we went with Carl Padaric.

uptow... uptown378

i did notice the ella elle elijah trend but it was too late i had already named my daughter ale'a.  oh well it's still a little original:). 

Cafe... Cafe MichelleL

FinnBar was a darlin little guy in a Mommy and Me class from way back.  Grover just makes me think of GROVER. Other than that, I like some of these names.  We named our first daughter GRACE before the old names were cool and my mom and mil thought we were crazy, LOL. In other words, I'm with you. Go with what works for you!

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