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Still searching for the perfect name for your baby? There are some great ideas over in Unique Baby Names!. And there's nameberry, a new site for name-obsessed parents-to-be. I spoke with Pamela Redmond Satran, a co-author of several best-selling baby name books and a developer of the new site, about some interesting options for names you may not have considered.

Here's the thing -- we all think we want a distinctive name for our kid, but we'll often pick it and then realize lots of other parents had the same idea, too. Why? Satran says it's the "forces of fashion" at work. "Most of us have pretty similar taste at the same time," she says. That must be why there are so many Ellas, Olivias and Olivers running around my neighborhood playground.

So it could be that the name you thought was so distinctive a while ago no longer is. But, as Satran points out, there are thousands of options out there! Here are ten unusual names to consider, with notes from Satran on what makes each great:


Aza -- It's hard to find a name that's both exotic and simple. This Arabic choice qualifies on both counts.

Elodie -- Classic French name that rhymes with Melody and is a fresh spin on the Ella/Ellie names so popular right now.

Lilac -- A color AND a flower name that manages to be sweet and saucy at he same time.

Siri -- Charming Norse diminutive of Sigrid.

Tamsin -- An Anglophile choice that's never crossed the ocean; an original way to honor a Thomas (it was originally a variation of Thomasina) in your family.


Amias -- Name used in Colonial America that cane be pronounced either AIM-ee-us or ah-MY-us; means loved.

Breccan -- Irish mythological and saint's name much fresher than Braden, Aiden, and cousins.

Gordon -- Strong Scottish classic due for a comeback.

Grover -- Funky choice that deserves a life beyond the Muppets.

Reuben -- Old Testament name as likable as but more obscure than such fashionable choices as Asher and Ezra.

I'm liking Lilac and Reuben -- which names do you like best? Or are you more of a traditionalist when it comes to baby names?

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mimis... mimismommy

I heard Josiah recently and loved it, I thought it was so original and was going to use it then heard several others!! Names get around fast!! (commenting to another ladies post!) I just have to see what happens when I have my next child.  I liked the names on the list and have considered Rueben. I like biblical names. My daughter is named Miriam from the bible (Moses' sister).  I wanted a bible name that wasn't so used up.  Grover reminds me of Grover Cleveland.  And I think I will stay away from that!  My sister's in-laws love to use president's names.. they can have it! I also like naming after people so my daughter's middle name is after an Aunt and My grandmother.

Cafe... Cafe Melisa

Elodie's great, too -- love those French names!

lynet... lynette737

I have a girl named Ashtyn and a boy named Bryton.  I hate the name Grover.

Momma... MommaJen22

My son's name is Malaki Joseph.  We changed the "ch" to a "k" because, well we just liked it better and my mom's name starts with a k.  A girl I went to school with was due a month after me, I told her the name I was picking, well sure enough her baby is Malachi Joseph!   UGH! Oh well, anyway....  We are now having another baby boy and we are having a hard time finding a name strong enough to follow Malaki.  Reuben sounds nice.  I thought about Zachariah, my husbands grandfather's name, but my husband hates it.  i like Micah too.

nonmember avatar cassie

i plan to name my son demitri and my daughter alanna. i also think liliana and nealan would be perfect if i have two sons or two daughters ^_^

nonmember avatar Renne

Named my first born Kevin Joshua and my daughter Meghan Grace-Eileya (Ileea). Loved the name Tamsen (my niece's name). Other names on list not so much.

nonmember avatar Devan

I named my twin boys Dayne Lyndon & Daylon Kade. They are 4 years old now and I still get a lot of compliments on their names. :)

debbym debbym

Siri is a stupid name and so is Suri. I also don't like the name Reuben

Rebec... Rebecca75

Like the name Lilac. You forgot Amber is a pretty cool name. Amber is also a color and a scent, very natraul.

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