40+ and Having a Baby? You May Live Longer



having a baby in your 40s

Photo by RiverRose


I wasn't in my 40s when I gave birth, but close -- I was 38. But I have two good friends at the moment who are over 40 and expecting. And there are plenty of 40-something CafeMoms.

Good news, older mamas! Having a baby later in life may mean you live longer.


New research says that women who have babies naturally in their 40s or even 50s tend to have longer lifespans than other women (it may be different for women who conceive using IVF or other common procedures used to treat infertility.)

Some feel there are social and emotional benefits to having babies later, too -- Cafe Suzanne posted a while back on Salma Hayek, who says that she's a better mom for having had her baby at age 41.

Are you an older pregnant mama? Did you plan to have your baby later, or was it a surprise? What do you think are the benefits or drawbacks?


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