Do Guys Just Not Get Baby Showers?


baby showers

Um, what?

Photo by LelandsMommy

A mama-to-be posted in the Pregnancy group that her boyfriend thinks baby showers are a bad thing. She seemed pretty upset about his feelings, and, if it were me, I have to say I'd be right there with her.

He thinks that baby showers are essentially a way to ask for handouts and doesn't believe people really enjoy attending them.

He doesn't want to have one for their baby, but he's being overruled -- the mom-to-be is going to be the guest of honor at two! (Her best friend and the boyfriend's mom are hosting.)


I noticed another mom who commented said her DH felt the same, and she (and some of his female friends) had to talk to him to eventually get him to come around to the idea.

What about you? Was your husband or SO against (or just not interested in) having a baby shower? Did you feel the same way? How did you work it out?

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