Would You Pee on This for $30?


We posted a while back about the Pink or Blue Early Gender Test, which is available online with a whopping $240 price tag. The test claims high accuracy rates, but a doctor told us the DNA technology these tests use is potentially faulty and she bets their success in predicting correctly is less.

Now, here's another, more affordable version ...

A poster in the CafeMom Newcomers Club said she saw this -- the IntelliGender Prenatal Gender Prediction Test -- at her local Walgreens. It costs $30 and claims that, as early as six weeks pregnant, you can pee into a cup, swirl it around, and it will tell you if you're having a boy or a girl.

The test claims to be the only affordable, simple-to-use urine test to tell you the gender.

The poster's boyfriend was like, yeah, "forget about that," and the poster said she thought it was hocus pocus.

Would you spend 30 bucks for a chance to find out the sex early on?

boy or girl


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etsmom etsmom

Nope.  I can see how some mother's would want to know the gender of their baby, but I waited until the ultrasound which was accurate for me during my pregnancy with my son.  While I was pregnant with my second child, I chose to wait until the birth.  God gave me a girl an I am very pleased.  I think that those kinds of tests are not very reliable and I wouldn't waste my money on them.

Alyss... AlyssaH87

No I would just wait til the ultrasound, I think it's fun to have to wait a little while, and really it goes by fast!

mummy... mummy2tristan

If I had money spare then maybe, but I wouldn't consider the results to be anymore reliable than any other gender prediction methods, such as the chinese gender prediction calender.

Aphro... Aphrodite108

I would try it just to compare the results with the ultrasounds :)

tha-h... tha-hawt-mommie

nah - its more fun to wait for the U/S ...

gemin... geminishadow79

If I was independantly wealthy I"d probly spend the cash for the fun of it, but since I"m not I'd just wait til the  ultrasound

lady-... lady-J-Rock

I think i may buy one just for the fun of it. I already had three ultra sounds all saying its a girl. Would be interesting to see if it is accurate.

kayla... kaylajean86

nope! i would rather see the US

NAldi... NAldinger

Our #1 was a surprise (It's a Girl!!!!), #2 we plan on finding out in the U/S.  I wouldn't want to be disappointed if I believed the Inteliigender vs. an Ultrasound if they were different.

AJsMomma AJsMomma

Nah, it's fun having that time in the first half of pregnancy to wonder :) It was exciting to dream about different names and what we thought the gender was. It was also exciting looking forward to the "big ultrasound"!!

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