Officials Urge Drugs for Swine Flu in Pregnancy

drugs swine flu pregnancy


Concern over the swine flu may have quieted a little, but it was just last week that a pregnant Texas woman died from the disease. She was one of three deaths in the U.S. so far and we now have more than 3,000 confirmed cases (20 of those are confirmed or probable swine flu infections in pregnant Americans.)

Now, given that pregnant women -- with their weakened immune systems -- are more likely to suffer from pneumonia or dehydration when they catch the flu, health officials are urging that they be treated immediately with the antiviral drug Tamiflu.


The drug isn't normally given in pregnancy since the effects on an unborn child are unknown. But because a positive test for the H1N1 flu can take several days -- the woman in Texas entered the hospital with pneumonia five days after flu symptoms had begun -- the CDC is recommending that Tamiflu be given to any pregnant woman with flu symptoms and a history of likely contact with someone else with the swine flu.

As pregnant moms, we're always extra-concerned about our health and how it may affect the baby.

Are you worried about swine flu? If you developed any possible symptoms, would you rush to see your OB? And how would you feel about taking Tamiflu?


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