Travel Tips for Pregnant Moms

pregnancy travel tips

pregnancy travel tips

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Travel with a baby bump? Yep, it's safe.

If you're having a complication-free pregnancy and you need to or want to, you can do it.

But you need to be smart about it, and you want to be as comfy as possible (yeah, right!) with a big belly.

From some smart CafeMoms, here are tips for traveling while pregnant.


Travel by car

-- Plan plenty of stops to run to the restroom and stretch. I've had some pretty long car trips in the third trimester -- it can get uncomfortable, but it's doable.

-- Stop to stretch and if there's a way to, put your feet up (on the dash or along the back seat.) When you get to where you're going, take a nice soaking bath.

-- When I asked my doctor about traveling, he said there are hospitals everywhere, so that's not a problem.

-- Get out every couple of hours to walk around and get the blood flowing and try to switch your sitting position a little so your butt doesn't go numb!

Traveling late in your pregnancy

-- Talk to your doctor first!

-- Make sure your insurance will cover you at a hospital where you'll be going. Stop to walk around every couple of hours and drink plenty of fluids.

-- Take a copy of your medical records with you, just in case.

-- If you're really late in your pregnancy, ask yourself if you're OK with the possibility of delivering with a doctor you don't know in a hospital you're unfamiliar with -- and then having to travel afterwards to get your baby back home.

Travel by plane

-- Don't be afraid to play the "pregnant card" and bug the flight attendants for water whenever you need it.

-- If you're in your third trimester, ask your OB if it's OK and then check with the airline to make sure they will let you on.

-- Ask for an aisle seat so you don't have to crawl over someone every time you have to hop up to pee or to stretch your legs.

-- Bring a pillow for your back.

Have you traveled while prego? What would you suggest to other moms about to take a trip?

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