Sleep Positioner: Take It or Leave It?

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Summer Infant

Inclined to Sleep Positioner, babiesrus

It's Take It or Leave It Tuesday. Up this week: a way to position baby while he sleeps. I used (and loved) my Miracle Blanket, but I never tried one of these for better baby sleep.

What about you? Are you registering for one?

Item: Summer Infant Inclined to Sleep Positioner

Cost: $25

What it does: It keeps baby sleeping on his back, as the AAP recommends. And a slight incline supposedly helps digestion.

Pros: Helps alleviate the back sleeping/tummy sleeping SIDS worry, and can make a tiny new baby in a big crib seem a little more snug.

Cons: Is it really necessary? And baby gets big fast -- this item will have a short life span.


Do you have a sleep positioner on your baby registry?

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