Coffee During Pregnancy

coffee, pregnancy

Photo by onscreenrose

You're pregnant -- congratulations! But now comes the pressure to give up all sorts of things -- coffee, soda, cigarettes, soft cheese, deli meat, sushi, artificial sweeteners, and junk food in all of its enticing varieties. Of course you want to grow a healthy baby, but is giving up coffee really mandatory? Another facet of the issue is cost -- Cafe Kim over in Food & Party Buzz just posted on how much money she was spending on fancy coffee drinks and how she's making them at home now with some really creative coffee recipes. But back to the java during pregnancy debate. I'll admit I didn't give it up completely myself, although I did switch to decaf. I went to the Pregnancy group to see what other moms-to-be had to say on the topic.


nici3 posted recently that she was really craving a French Vanilla cappuccino with whipped cream and cinnamon -- and then asking others moms what they want but can't have. Judging from the responses, there are plenty of moms who haven't sworn off caffeine entirely, whether they're having a small cup of joe in the morning or sipping the occasional soda.

Is it safe? Recent studies show that drinking caffeine in moderation doesn't harm your baby. Of course you're talking to your doctor about what's healthy and what you feel comfortable with -- but what decisions have you made?

Have you made any food or drink sacrifices during pregnancy? Have you said bye-bye to coffee for now?

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