The Most Painful Part of Labor

labor and delivery most painful part of labor

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Now, if you've never given birth before, don't get too freaked out about this. Besides, you already know labor's gonna hurt, right? :)

From ladies who've been through it, over in Answers, here's what some CafeMoms had to say was the most painful part of labor.

-- When they said "Don't push!" I hated that!

-- The shot in my back during the epidural. That hurt like hell, because I was having a really bad contraction the entire time and couldn't move.

-- My doctor trying to rotate the baby in the birth canal -- he'd wait until I had a contraction, shove half his arm up in there, and then tell me to push. It was bad. If someone told me today I'd have to go through that again, I'd shoot myself.

-- Having the epidural put in. I'm a wimp.

-- Labor was a breeze. It was not being able to fit back into my regular sweatpants right after that was really painful.

-- Them reaching in and yanking out my placenta. That was the absolute worst.

-- The shots they gave me before stitching me up. My labor went too fast to have the epi, so up until then it was all natural, and OMG! It hurt so bad!

-- I had an intervention-free birth at home and the transition was the hardest part -- it took about 45 minutes, and the contractions were just one on top of another. My doula helped me see that I didn't have to fear the pain -- that it wasn't gonna "kill" me. If a natural birth is your goal, I'd recommend getting a doula.

-- WAITING to see the baby. Labor was nothing for me.

-- Pushing was the most painful. Such a big head through such a small hole. Labor was fine, but pushing? Ouchie.

-- I would have to say back labor or being stitched from my episiotomy.

-- Pitocin-induced contractions.

-- I had an emergency C-section -- the worst part was waiting to see my son and hold him in my arms.


Yours truly? My labor was actually pretty easy. But a couple of days before, my midwife stripped my membranes to see if we could get things moving without drugs (it didn't work.) Um, OUCH.

By far the most painful part of my pregnancy and birth.

If you've given birth before, what was the most painful part? Spill!

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itsal... itsallabtthem84

One of the most painful part of labor is when  needed to push & the nurse told me no. She did not want to deliver my baby girl & I needed to push. They where all yelling at me don't push the doctor is coming. I ended up yelling back & telling them so is this baby.

fmchavez fmchavez

Crowning. Someone once said that it felt like slight burn. They lied. It was more like a forest fire.

Oh and going to the bathroom after birth, that sucks.

trist... tristatesteph

I agree with the above - crowning! And the tearing that went along with it (6 stitches here!) OUCH!

katiemum katiemum

oh, mine was having my ceverical lip pushed over the babys head during transition. that was fairly painful!


The labor and delivery wasn't bad at all once I got the epidural. The absolute WORST part was using the bathroom for the first time after labor. It took me about 20 minutes to empty my bladder and it was completely full. I kept telling the nurse "You don't understand, this s*** hurts SO bad." she claimed it was normal, but OMG it hurt like h***. And once that was over with, my "stuff" hurt for freaking weeks after .. I lived on that pain medicine they sent me or else I wouldn't have been able to get up and take care of the baby.

Mom2M... Mom2Meredith

Not alot of pain, just fear.. fear of having the epridural,... and then after it was done.. fear of using the facilities after the event... wasn't tooo bad until about 2 days later when I went to the potty and heard the baby cry and rushed thru cleaning myself off, woah was I stopped dead in my tracks! that was the only after birth tears of pain I had.. and lived on those precious pink pills.. thank goodness for a mother who came and stayed a couple weeks with me :)

KatieM KatieM

for me it was transition.  pushing and everything after was a peice of cake compared to that

binker55 binker55

for me the hardest part was laying there hour after hour and no end in sight. they broke my water to induce me.  then hours later they put me on pit. the contractions got more and more painful and i still wasn't dialateing. finally after 22 hours of labor the dr. came in to evaluate me for a c-section. in 20 min. i'd dialated from a 3 to an 8. so the dr. said i had to deliver naturally. half hour later i was at 10 and could push. 1 hour of pushing. i was so exhausted, i remember my son being put on my stomach but after that. nothing. my ,now ex. said i was awake and talking but i don't remember any of it.







































































Berts... BertsMomma

I didnt have an epi, my labor went too fast. (first kid, go figure!) the hardest part for me was trying to hold the push til the count of ten. pushing is hard, hurts.... yer exhausted! i swear that nurse could've counted faster, she just didnt like me! lol. It's so worth it, pregnant mommas, I swear! You SOOOO dont forget the pain like they say, but it's worth it!

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