Is It Safe? Traveling While Pregnant

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traveling while pregnant



Summer = escape, right? Whether it's someplace far, far away or just a change of scene right around the corner.

But what if you've got a baby on board? Is it safe to run away from home?

Here's what the American Pregnancy Association has to say about traveling while pregnant.


Always talk to your doctor with any questions or concerns but, generally, if there are no known complications, you're good to go -- travel is safe throughout your pregnancy.


The glorified second trimester -- the morning sickness is over! you can feel the baby move! you're not ginormous yet! -- is typically thought to be the ideal time to hit the road.

In the car

-- Don't forget to buckle up.

-- Keep the air bags turned on.

-- Don't sit there for hours on end -- make stops so you can take short walks and do some stretches to keep the blood circulating (not like your bladder would let you go for hours anyway....)

Can I fly?

-- You can usually travel up until your eighth month. Travel in your ninth month, if you're so inclined or if it's necessary, may also be deemed OK if you have written permission from your health care provider.

-- Get up and stretch your legs from time to time!

Here's more info on traveling while pregnant -- including the scoop on foreign travel.

Will you be traveling this summer before the baby comes? Where are you going, and for how long?




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