Happy Mother's Day!


mother's day

Photo by Miriam_Haugen


If you haven't experienced it yet, you will soon -- the life-altering thrill that comes with holding your beautiful new baby for the first time. It's the best natural high there is.

Then comes all of the hard work, of course....


Which is why today is all about you, whether you've given birth yet or not.

In my house, this holiday is a bit tricky, since we're a two-mommy household. There's no one to take the lead on brunch or a gift, and our kids aren't old enough yet.

But that's OK. My son made flowers for both of us in his Pre-K class, and, since my partner and I are both mommies in this parenting scenario, we can truly appreciate *exactly* how much work and patience it takes to get the job done.

We'll celebrate today by being a family and just enjoying each other.

How will you spend the day?

Let me hear from you.

And Happy Mother's Day!



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