Should Pregnant Women Get Special Privileges?

special priviledges for pregnant women

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Cafe Cynthia here, paying a visit to Pregnancy Buzz.

I loved the special treatment I got during both my pregnancies, and not just from my husband, family and friends. The kindness from the stranger on the crowded train who gave me his seat. Or the guy who held the door at the library (they normally don't do that where I live), or the woman who let me cut ahead of her in the checkout line.

And during one of my regular trips to Babies R Us to daydream, I felt like royalty parking only feet from the door in one of the "Reserved for Expecting Moms" spaces.

I think they should make that one a federal law, especially when you're pregnant AND with a toddler!

What about in restaurants and other public places? Should moms get special treatment there, too?


An anonymous CafeMom of two is 8 months pregnant (and huge, she might add), with painful varicose veins, back and pelvis problems, and still working at her job as a autism clinician. Needless to say, it's a busy job, a lot of it on her feet, and she was taking a lunch break at a local serve-yourself chain eatery that has both booths and tables.

She thought nothing of grabbing a booth all to herself so she could put her feet up while she ate lunch and reviewed some notes for work.

One of two women sitting across from her at a table started giving her dirty looks and said loudly to the other, "Some people are so rude!"

About 10 minutes later, the CafeMom packed up her stuff to go, and the nasty woman said, "Finally, she is done hogging the booth for herself!"

"So, I looked up at her and said, ' I am 8 months pregnant and needed to put my feet up. When are you due?"the moms said.

The woman rolled her eyes and replied, "That still does not give you the right to take up a booth yourself!"

To spite her, the CafeMom stayed another 10 minutes, and at the end everybody was still annoyed.

Who was in the wrong here? Would it have mattered if this mom was pregnant or not? Do pregnant women deserve some extra courtesy and privledges -- and if so, how far should they extend?

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