First Trimester Complaints: Morning Sickness & Big Boobs


first trimester pregnancy symptoms complaints

I'm not feeling so great....






Newly pregnant? Congrats on that BFP!

If you get off super-easy, like one of my dear friends who's pregnant at the moment, you might sail through your first trimester with few, if any, preggo complaints. But it's more likely that you'll be right in there with other first tri mommies who are suffering through some of those wacky early pregnancy body changes.

I came across a post in the Pregnancy group asking first trimester moms if anyone else was a blob of morning sickness and boobs. Here's what moms said they were experiencing.


-- I can only hold down carbs, and my boobs are pornographic. I've already gained weight, despite regular exercise.

-- I'm not sick, which is scary to me because with my first two I was sick a lot -- but my boobs are bigger and killing me!

-- My boobs hurt so bad that I have to wear a sports bra.

-- My boobs are huge. My husband is in heaven, but no touching -- they hurt! No weight gain yet -- I've lost three pounds and my doctor wants me to take anti-nausea pills.

-- My boobs hurt and none of my T-shirts fit. What is going on? Are they gonna get bigger???

-- A good day is a day I can keep something down. I've never been this sick before!

-- My jeans are so tight, I had to go to Target and get a belly band so I can wear them unbuttoned.


Good news on the morning sickness front, anyway -- new research says that moms who suffer from it have smarter babies.

Are you a first trimester mama? How are you feeling? What are your symptoms and un-fun complaints?



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