Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "Not Paying Attention to Pregnancy"


elisabeth hasselbeck pregnant

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Does it ever slip your mind that you're pregnant?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, pregnant with her third baby with husband Tim, recently told People that she's "definitely not paying attention" to this pregnancy.


"That won't be true for the child [when it arrives]," she said, "But now, when you have two kids running around, you're not the pregnant person you were before."

The first time around, you're a "pregnant goddess" -- you're more focused on your pregnancy and so is everyone else. By the third time around, not so much.

I think even first-time mamas sometimes forget they're pregnant, especially in the first trimester, before you're showing or can feel the baby move (and especially if morning sickness isn't an issue for you.)

Do you ever forget you're pregnant? If this isn't your first baby, how focused on the pregnancy are you?



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