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Does it ever slip your mind that you're pregnant?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, pregnant with her third baby with husband Tim, recently told People that she's "definitely not paying attention" to this pregnancy.

"That won't be true for the child [when it arrives]," she said, "But now, when you have two kids running around, you're not the pregnant person you were before."

The first time around, you're a "pregnant goddess" -- you're more focused on your pregnancy and so is everyone else. By the third time around, not so much.

I think even first-time mamas sometimes forget they're pregnant, especially in the first trimester, before you're showing or can feel the baby move (and especially if morning sickness isn't an issue for you.)

Do you ever forget you're pregnant? If this isn't your first baby, how focused on the pregnancy are you?



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Luvmy... Luvmylilmonkies

I paid attention to every little detail when I was pregnant with my first. I was young, scared, and thought I was going to do something wrong. With my 2nd pregnancy, I didn't pay as much attention because I already knew what to expect. I can imagine that I would forget I was pregnant by the 3rd go 'round. I mean... she's right. When you're chasing 2 kids, working, running errands, etc. you definitely don't have time to sit down and count every kick and hiccup.

proud... proudmommieto2

ya when you have another child to chase after its deffinetly easy to forget or not notice as much in the first trimester..

armyw... armywife7885

im on baby #4-- so yeah, i forget about being pregnant-- until the bump getsin the way!!

RanaA... RanaAurora

What Luvmylilmonkies said.

GemAmI GemAmI

Omg, I was just feeling bad! I thought something was wrong with me...maybe I won't have a bond with this child,or crazy stuff like that....This is my second, and my first is 4 years old. I am actually a step-mom to a 16 year old, and 13 year old, so no wonder I don't pay attention to my ever growing big belly. I have rubbed my tummy up against stuff (counter-tops, stoves etc) and I just honestly don't think about it as much as before. I guess I know what to expect this time around, in addition to the fact that I am busy with so much other stuff.

abbyn... abbynzachsmommy

I agree with her. I'm pregnant with my third and I am defiantly not paying as much attention to it. With my first I was focused on every little detail. With this one, I'm to busy to really worry about every little thing. There are days I forget that I'm pregnant (i'm not showing too much yet..only 16 weeks) because I have so much else to focus on.

JulieDJ JulieDJ

Ya know when I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom sometimes I would forget I was preggers- just for a second .

justa... justanotherjen

I have 4 kids and I barely even thought about being pregnant with the last two until I was like 5 months along.  I was just too busy to think about it chasing around all the other kids.

Amara... Amaranth361

Oh yes by number 3 I was so focused on other things in my day to day life that I barely talked to my belly or rubbed it or cared at all about being pregnant. It was just another distraction and occasional annoyance from my routine(I had a sucky dr so I hated drs appts and dragging two small children with me everytime got aggravating too).

Bigbo... BigboyMom

Wish I had a 3rd pregnancy to forget about! Ugh Hollywood people make me crazy   lol

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