Ergo Baby Carrier: Take It or Leave It?


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Ergo Baby Carrier, $95,

I've highlighted a couple of baby carriers in Take It Or Leave It Tuesday posts, including the Baby Bjorn and the Maya Wrap. Up today -- the Ergo Baby Carrier. I know Cafe Suzanne loved hers.

And I definitely loved wearing my babies so, my two cents? Do pick at least one carrier to put on your registry! Are you considering this one?

Item: Ergo Baby Carrier

Cost: $95

What it does: It's a carrier with an ergonomic design intended to be more comfy for parent and baby. Wear the kid on your back, in front, or on your hip.

Pros: It has a higher weight limit than the Baby Bjorn -- wear your kid from infancy (with an infant insert) up to 40 lbs (25 is the limit with the Bjorn.)

Cons: It's expensive -- more than both the Bjorn and the Maya.

Let's see what you have to say.


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