Being Induced? Read This First.


being induced induction

The product of my induction.


I wrote a post recently on whether or not being induced means you'll wind up with a C-section, and moms had plenty to say on the topic -- some good and some bad.

I didn't want to be, but when I was two weeks late, I was induced -- and if you've got a scheduled induction on the calendar -- I'm happy to report that it was a good experience and didn't end in a C-section.

There's lots of intense debate around the subject of inductions, but for some mamas (especially those overdue), they may be inevitable.


If it's looking likely that you'll be induced, here are some things to keep in mind, via Lil Sugar.

-- Focus on the positives rather than the change in plans -- As some moms in the induction post I mention above noted, the most important end result of birth is a happy, healthy mom and baby.

-- Life doesn't always cooperate with your birth plan -- CafeMom MamaMadge, a labor and delivery nurse, says that since childbirth is so unpredictable, it's important to stay flexible.

-- Bonus: There won't be a mad dash to the hospital -- cafemama said that a scary car ride to the hospital while she was having strong contractions was one reason she chose a home birth for her second baby. She didn't want to repeat it. And if you're being induced, you'll get to avoid it altogether.

-- Be aware that you may be sent home after your scheduled time to come in -- If the L&D rooms are full, you may get bumped. Scheduled births take a backseat to spontaneous ones.

-- Your freedom may be restricted -- Most women who are induced are confined to the bed so the L&D team can monitor contractions and fetal heartbeat.

For more on what to expect, see the full slide show.

All inductions are different. Mine started with the breaking of my waters and, unlike some mamas, even with the epidural, I could *feel* my contractions and knew when to push. Some moms report that contractions are stronger and more painful when induced.

If you've given birth before and were induced, what would you tell first-time moms about the experience?




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