Who's Hosting Your Baby Shower?


baby showers

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When we had our first baby, my partner's mom and sister threw us a lovely baby shower. Then for number two (yes, we had a shower for our second baby), a friend hosted the fest for us.

Tradition used to dictate that a friend rather than a family member would do the hosting honors, but that's not the case anymore. More and more family members are throwing showers for expectant moms and, often, several women will co-host. (The only real no-no when it comes to etiquette is throwing your own.)

I just saw a post from a mom in Answers asking who should throw her baby shower. Her mom and sis hosted her bridal shower, but that was less than a year ago, and she's wondering if her husband's family should take over party planning responsibilities this time around.

Regardless of who hosts, you'll want some fun games to play!

Who's throwing your shower -- a friend or family? And when in your pregnancy are you having it?


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