Did You Know When Your Water Broke?

water breaking





I knew when my water broke -- I was induced, and my midwife broke my water to begin labor. That was at about 10 AM, and I was holding my new baby in my arms before 6 in the evening.

I just read a post in Pregnancy asking moms who'd delivered before if their water broke on its own or, if, like me, they were induced.

Questions around the breaking of the waters (rupturing of the membranes) are super-common for first-time preggos -- so is anxiety that it will break in a big, gushy way in a  big, public place.


How and when a pregnant woman's water breaks varies widely. Sometimes it's obvious (that would be the big gush), sometimes it's only a faint trickle. Either can happen before or during labor, but only about 10 percent of women rupture the sac of amniotic fluid before labor has begun, so it's more likely that it will happen when things are already underway.

If your water does break before you're really in labor and with your healthcare provider, here's what you need to know.

And if you've given birth before, did you know when your water broke? Where were you, and what happened?



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