Top New-Mom Must-Haves


new mom must haves

Boppy Nursing Pillow

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Every Tuesday, I do a Take It or Leave It post where I ask about potential baby registry items. Moms swap ideas about what they're getting (or not), and why.

Here's a variation on that theme.

I ran across a post in the Expert Mommies! forum in the Pregnancy group on the Top New-Mom Must-Haves. Here's what moms who have so *been there* with a newborn said they couldn't live without.


New-Mom Essentials from CafeMoms

-- Swing

-- Pads, and lots of them

-- Boppy Nursing Pillow

-- Baby monitor

-- Breast pads

-- Pacifiers

-- Maya wrap

-- Pack 'n Play

-- Breast pump

-- Nursing tank tops

-- Bouncy seat

-- Baby Bjorn

-- Breastfeeding cover

If you're on your second (or third, or more!) baby, what would you tell first-time mamas about the essentials? What was a must-have for you?


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