What Color Did You Paint Your Nursery?


Painting the nursery

Photo from moniyeager

Deciding what color of paint to use when decorating the nursery can be challenging. You want it to be soothing enough but also be somewhat of a stimulant for your new baby. If you feel completely overwhelmed, here are some tips for deciding on what color to use:

  • Check out other nurseries for inspiration, whether it be in magazines or online, like here on CafeMom (how cute is moniyeager's nursery?!).
  • Think about your personal preferences. Look around your home...do you have a tendancy to lean towards greens? Then a soothing sage might be a good choice.
  • Take the size of the room into account. The color that's on the walls can make a room look larger or smaller.
  • Do you have a theme? Take the colors the theme lends itself to into account.

What color are you painting your nursery?


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