5 Big Pregnancy Concerns

I had a ton of questions when I was pregnant -- there's just so much going on with your body physically and emotionally. Especially if it's your first pregnancy -- but even if it's your second or third, since each is different -- there's just a lot to be curious or concerned about. The Pregnancy group is super-active, of course, for that very reason. But out of the hundreds and hundreds of questions that get asked, I wondered which ones tend to come up the most. So I asked gacgbaker, owner of the group. Here's what she said the top five concerns are -- and what the moms are saying about them.


1. Morning sickness

Ah, right. That one. Remember it well myself. And last week I did a round-up of moms' best cures and tips. Quick tips include: frequent intake of carbs, find "the one" food that works for you, and don't let yourself get hungry.

2. Mucous plug questions

Like, what is the mucous plug and how will you know if you've lost it? The mucous plug is in place to protect the uterus against bacteria -- and it can be difficult to tell if you've lost it since you've got so many mucous-y issues happening anyway during pregnancy. Basically, it's a discharge that's often streaked with blood, so it can be brown or pinkish in color. Talk to your OB if you think you've had the pleasure of spotting yours!

3. Questions about contractions

ToxicMOM2B recently asked what the heck contractions feel like -- moms offered differing opinions on Braxton Hicks contractions (kind of a hardening of the belly) and the ones you have when labor begins in earnest. Of course how you experience them differs for every woman and even from pregnancy to pregnancy

4. Ultrasounds -- ie: your baby's first pics!

Moms are talking about the first ultrasound, if they feel they've been given too many ultrasounds, and whether or not they're really accurate when it comes to determining gender.

5. C-section vs. vaginal birth or a natural delivery

braybsmommy09 asked moms to share about delivering without an epidural -- Danotoyou2 said she gave birth without an epidural and, besides just loving the experience, it was an amazing natural hormonal high for her.

What's on your mind right now? What's your current top pregnancy concern?

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