How Do the Trimesters Break Down?

the three trimesters of pregnancy




You know, of course, that there are three fun-filled trimesters to pregnancy. But how exactly do they break down?

An Anonymous mom posted in Answers that she wanted to wait three months before sharing her news with the world -- but she was confused about what week of pregnancy that would be.

Here's how the trimesters break down.


First Trimester

Week 1 through Week 13

Second Trimester

Week 14 through Week 27

Third Trimester

Week 28 through Week 40 (or 41 or 42, if you're overdue)

Brittany (bam61907), the pregnant mom I profile in the Weekly Pregnancy Calendar, recently entered her third trimester -- I've been checking in with her since way back in Week 7.

What trimester are you in, and how are you feeling time-wise about the pregnancy? Is it speeding along or going sooo slowly for you?


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