Nancy O'Dell's Pregnancy Tips, Part 2


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Yesterday, I shared Part 1 of my chat with "Access Hollywood's" Nancy O'Dell about her new pregnancy book, Full of Life. Today, she dishes out more mom-to-mom tips -- on baby names, labor and delivery, and embarrassing pregnancy moments.


Pregnancy is definitely full of strange, surprising, and embarrassing moments – can you share a personal one that might be helpful to first-time preggos?

Absolutely. One morning I woke up with all these little red dots on my chest. I completely panicked, thinking I had the measles, the mumps, or something else that could harm the baby. When I got in to see my doctor, he assured me that the red dots on my skin were nothing to worry about. He said that due to the excess blood pumping through my body because of the pregnancy, I was actually just seeing the ends of my blood vessels. Who knew?!

Also, who knew your breasts could leak even before you have the baby? None of my friends decided to share this information with me. So surprise, surprise, I had to find out the hard way. The first time this happened to me, I was standing on the set, getting ready to read a story when my cameraman panned his camera away.

When we're taping the show, everybody on the entire NBC lot in Los Angeles and New York can watch. So boy, do I depend on my cameraman -- in case my Spanx are popping out or my bra strap is showing. Thanks to my guys on stage those things usually remain between us. So when Kevin panned away this time, I checked for the usual culprits. But I couldn’t find anything amiss.

That’s when a team of stylists descended on me with hairdryers and Kleenex. Turns out, my boobs were leaking. Dime-sized wet spots had appeared on my blouse. Honestly, it was just like that scene in "Broadcast News" when Albert Brooks gets a case of flop sweat on camera, and everyone is trying to dry him off before his next segment.

In the third trimester, be aware your colostrum may come in. So you might want to switch to a thicker bra and buy yourself some nursing pads.

Again, one of the MANY reasons I decided to write the book -- so that other women won't have to ask, "Why didn't someone tell me this?!"

Do you have any advice for moms on picking the perfect name?

My biggest piece of advice would be not to tell anyone what you're thinking. You're asking for too many opinions and it will just confuse you.

My husband and I made the mistake of asking people what they thought of Ashby as a name. Ashby was my maternal grandfather's name. Everyone kept telling us that people would get Ashby confused with Ashley her entire life. But my husband and I love it and we know Ashby will love it, too, because it has sentiment behind it and that's what is most important.

As far as where to find a name, if you're not using a family name, another good idea is a place which has special meaning to you. My husband and I considered Hawaiian names because Hawaii is where we fell in love.

When it comes to labor and delivery, what's your best tip?

If you're delivering vaginally, do NOT "push" with your face. I had a nurse tell me this in a class before birth and it was such a valuable tip. It does no good to contort your face even though it may feel like you' re pushing more by doing so -- but you're not. Plus, it will make your face all red and swollen for your first pics with baby. You're supposed to push like you're having a bowel movement.

Remember -- no face contortions!


If you've given birth before, what tip or piece of advice do you share with other pregnant mamas looking for reassurance? Any words of wisdom?


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