Most Expensive Cravings


most expensive cravings

I'll have two, thanks!





TexasKaty (a fellow Texan -- howdy, girl!) asked moms in Pregnancy what their most expensive craving was, and confessed that hers was the Birthday Cake Ice Cream from Marble Slab Creamery. I've never had that, but it sounds pretty awesome.

When I was pregnant, I wanted black & white milk shakes from The Shake Shack -- and, for a milk shake, they were pretty pricey. But sooo good.

Here's what other moms said they were dropping the bucks on.


-- Those huge chicken burritos from Chipotle.

-- The prime rib sub at Quizmos.

-- Lobster!

-- Crab legs.

-- Stouffer's Mac 'n' Cheese.

-- Starbucks.

-- Ben & Jerry's Cake Batter Ice Cream.

-- BBQ Baby Back Ribs.

-- Filet mignon.

-- Applebee's -- EVERY night.

What about you? What's your most expensive craving, and how often do you give in?


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