Un-Fun Pregnancy Symptoms: Help for Constipation

Thanks to hormones that relax the intestines and pressure from your expanding uterus, constipation is a common preggo problem. And I've seen lots of, um, uncomfortable CafeMoms posting about it.

From moms who found something that works, here are some tips for relief.

pregnancy symptoms constipation



-- Try apples, apple juice, or grapes.

-- Fig Newtons work for me.

-- Try FiberCon -- it works wonders!

-- I'm having a salad every day, and so far, so good.

-- Drink extra water in general. And for the short term, prune juice is nasty but effective.

-- Eat prunes. Just try them. And the brand name ones taste better.

-- A little coffee helped me.

-- I started eating a bowl full of bran flakes every morning and drinking a ton of water and that has worked for me.

Of course, talk to your doc with any questions and to find out what he recommends.

Have you experienced this un-fun symptom? What did the trick for you?


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