I Had a Sip and See. Would You?


sip and see

New sister? Whatever. We got cupcakes!


Cafe Kim wrote about a Sip and See over in Food & Party Buzz recently and she profiled hem0036, a CafeMom who had one just before her baby turned five months old.

We had one, too, for our second baby, although it wasn't really a shower. It was just a little party to celebrate several simultaneous events -- Magnolia's arrival, our son Jasper turning two (that's him, above), and the recent completion of a major house renovation.

Here's how we did it.


Since it wasn't a shower (we had one when I was pregnant), and it was at our house, my partner and I were the hostesses. We were also tired second-time new mamas, so we wanted to keep the planning simple. We bought cupcakes from New York's Magnolia Bakery (no preparing food!) and served Prosecco for guests to sip (fizzy, inexpensive, and suitably celebratory.)

It was a great way for us to have all of the friends and family members who wanted to meet/see the baby over in one fell swoop -- much easier than coordinating a lot of individual visits.

If you are planning one, here are some cute ideas on decor.

What do you think? Will you have a Sip and See?



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