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Time to share another CafeMom birth story.

This time, I talked to Brandi (LelandsMommy) about the birth of her second child, Kyan, now 11 months old. Kyan's big brother is Leland, natch, and he's three.

Here's how things went down....

Brandi's Birth Story

I knew the baby was going to come soon. On Saturday night, I went into nesting mode. I finally went to bed at about 1am after my hubby promised he'd clean the whole house the next day as part of my Mother's Day gift.

At 4am, I woke up and heard/felt this faint popping sound from somewhere within my body, so I sat up, and that's when I felt the water start to gush. I nudged my husband and told him my water had broken. He was up, out of the bed, and dressed before I could say anything else -- I've never seen him move so fast.

When I got out of bed to clean up and change my pants I realized that the "water" was a pea soup color, and I knew that it was meconium. I wasn't worried, though, because I know many other women who had meconium births and had healthy babies.

While my husband loaded the car and got Leland ready, I called the doctor and hopped on CafeMom to let a few groups know that I was on my way to the hospital to have a Mother's Day baby.

At the hospital, they got me into a room right away because of the meconium. The contractions had picked up, so I asked for my epidural (I'd had one with my first son and knew I wanted one again). When the anesthesiologist got there, he was talking to the nurses about how he was at the end of his shift and so tired (it was about 5am), and I was his last patient before he went home. He rushed the job, and I knew almost right away that something was wrong. I was not numb AT ALL!

I kept telling the nurse that it wasn't working and she tried to convince me that epidurals just weren't as strong as they were when I had my first son. By the time I got to 8 cm, and was screaming at everyone who came into the room, the nurse finally believed me and upped the dose on my epidural. This turned out to be a huge mistake.

The epidural had been placed completely wrong, and upping the dose sent my body into some sort of freak out mode. My hearing went away completely except for a gong sound, my vision went all spastic, my oxygen levels dropped, and both the baby's and my heart rate sped up. Finally, they brought in another anesthesiologist who replaced my epidural, and things went back to normal.

Once the epidural was fixed, it was smooth sailing. The nurses had me push to get the baby to crown. It only took about three pushes, but then I had to wait an hour because my doctor had two other women ahead of me giving birth. Once the doctor finally got there, my beautiful baby boy was born.

Kyan was born at 2:07pm on Mother's Day 2008, He had blue eyes and a head full of blond hair. He was perfect :-)

Did you have an epidural mishap like Brandi's? What happened?

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boizmom boizmom

I wanted an epidural with my second baby.  I had one with my first and it worked wonderfully!  This time though, it didn't.  When they first placed the epidural in my spine, I thought it was working...I felt that instant tingling and then started to feel numb all over.  Pure bliss.  Until my contractions started worsen.  I started feeling my contractions so my nurse upped the amount I was getting.  Still nothing.  She called the anesthesiologist back in.  He removed it and tried it again, still nothing.  He tried a total of 6 times to get the epidural in so it would work and it just wouldn't.  In the midst of all of this I was having some pretty major contractions and my water broke.  I ended up telling him off and told him to leave me alone.

boizmom boizmom

I labored the rest of the time without the epidural and felt every excruciating sensation when my son was finally delivered.  I was in labor for a total of 23 hours and I pushed for 4.  Ultimately the doctor had to use the vacuum to get my son out, I was beyond exhausted and couldn't do much anymore at that point.  It was amazing though, as soon as he was born, all of the pain went away.  That is until I was being stitched up.  I completely passed out not long into being stitched up.  My baby was having breathing issues and they sent him to the NICU while they sent me to ICU.  I passed out and was running a massively high fever.  I didn't get to see my son for 4 hours...that's how long it was for me to finally wake up.  Once I was alert and my fever had gone down they rolled me into my post-pardum room and allowed me to see my son for the first time.

celti... celticreverie

No epidural mishap, because I didn't have one. Thank god.

Rylee... RyleeMendez

I did... it wasn't working at all... they finally redid it and it was WONDERFUL!  People who have never had an epidural shouldn't knock something until they TRY it lol

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Thanks for sharing your story! How cute you hopped on CafeMom to share the news!

I love the names Kyan and Leland!

mmmom... mmmommy0207

I've got a really slight curve in my spine, so I've had to have them do it twice BOTH times I've given birth. The last time I only went numb ON ONE SIDE! They had to redo it quick, because I was really freaking out!

Heath... Heather2001

Ditto to celticreverie's comment.  Mishaps don't happen if you avoid it to begin with.  =)  Everyone has different expectations for their births, though, so I won't knock those who chose to have the epis.

mamao... mamaof4toddlers

yeah my last 2 babies the epi didn't work :9 and I had spinal pain after my 5th.

0twin... 0twinsmommy6

I loooove my epidurals!  Amen to pain relief.  Never had a mishap though

vance... vances_mom

i had a "great" epi with my first. this time around, i'm not going to push my luck! i'll be going all natural :-)

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